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Efficiency is crucial to successful kitchen operations, and there is no more direct way to increase efficiency than through improved communication. That’s where the kitchen display system comes in. The KDS allows your entire back-of-house staff to always know exactly what is needed and when.

Lavu KDS is Lavu’s complete kitchen display system. Designed to work exclusively with the Lavu iPad POS system, Lavu KDS allows orders to be sent from any iOS device running Lavu POS and received at any KDS station.

Shop below for KDS hardware, including a large-screen monitor for highly visible broadcasting of kitchen tickets, a bump bar for fast navigation through open tickets, and the KDS controller, the brains of the operation. With the KDS in place, your restaurant operations will become more streamlined and accurate, with a system that keeps every staff member fully in the know.

Items found on this page are accessory options for a Lavu KDS solution but do not encompass a complete KDS solution. For complete KDS solution please contact Lavu sales: 855-767-5288

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